Reputations in real estate are generally forged over many years, but in the year 2020, the new breed of real estate agents are building their reputations in lightning speed, and it’s predominantly down to their marketing.

Traditionally photos and floor plans have been the staple media used for decades in real estate, and no one is questioning their importance, or expecting this to change any time soon.

Photos look great online and printed in the weekly lift outs. They attract buyer interest and also generate new leads and listings for agents. But in the year 2020, things have significantly changed.

Marketing practices in real estate have morphed to another level, all thanks to Coronavirus and declining newsprint.

Gone are the days of relying on printed adverts, banging in an open sign, then standing around with notepad and pen, not that there was anything wrong with that. Today more than ever, real estate agents need to look sharp digitally or potentially they may face a slow demise.

We now live in a society where marketing needs to be delivered directly to devices, regularly, where compelling content gets you noticed, convenience is appreciated and likes and shares build online followings and reputations.

This is no surprise, but embracing change can occur easier for some than others.

Switched on agents are pushing the envelope online, sharing awesome images, floor plans, slick social content, walkthrough videos and immersive virtual tours, and that’s before an open house has even been scheduled (if scheduled at all).

Buyers crave the content, they crave exploring homes and living the dream vicariously. They want to make informed decisions and not be disappointed when they arrive at opens. Agents would also feel empowered booking inspections knowing potential buyers have explored a virtual tour before picking up the phone.

The rise of videos and virtual tours have placed some agents in a strong position, they provide powerful fresh content that’s easy to consume and helps them stand out as a real estate marketing professional. The content also ensures buyer enquiry comes at a more qualified level.

So should you add a Video or Virtual Tour to your next listing? For me, the simple answer is yes, but perhaps the questions we should be asking is, what will help you gain new listings in the future?

Darren Wright
Owner, Vast Media

The views and opinions expressed in this article are strictly those of the author.