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Vast Media creates professional Matterport Virtual Tours for Real Estate agents, and Accommodation providers in the Huon Valley and Hobart Regions of Tasmania. Take your listing to the next level and provide 24/7 open home inspections online.

Attract national buyers through virtual tours

Open your Real Estate listings 24 hours a day

Stand out as a Real Estate marketing professional

Gain more genuine leads, enquiries and listings

Huon Valley Virtual Tours.

Huon Valley and Hobart Matterport Virtual Tours

Huon Valley and Hobart Hosted 360 Photographs

Real Estate Virtual Tours have come into their own since Covid-19. Agents adopting the technology have proven that virtual tours have empowered potential purchasers to continue their property search and narrow down their dream homes.

3D Virtual Tours are the way forward for agents who are wanting to provide a truly immersive property inspection. Property seekers are spending more time looking at listings that include a 3D Tour, than listings without.

Virtual Tours transform a regular listing into breathtaking virtual reality, and provide prospective buyers a life-like “walk through” of properties. Buyers can get a real feel and understanding for a property’s layout, size and design.

Dollhouse View

Zoom out and see a 3D digital twin of your property from the outside and rotate it along any axis to see it from any perspective. You’ll be able to get the big picture of your space.

Inside View

Do a walk-through of the space as if you were physically moving room-to-room and experience it as if you were there.

Floorplan View

Instantly get a bird’s eye view of the space, looking down from above as if the roof were removed so you can easily understand the layout of the property

Information Tags

Annotate features of the space by placing tags anywhere, such as notes, videos, and photos. Help guide viewers to what they need to see.

Measurement Tool

Measure any wall, door, window, or item within the space. Buyers will be able to see if a piece of furniture or equipment will fit through doors, hallways, etc.

Attract national buyers through virtual tours.
Open your real estate listings 24 hours a day.

Meet your new Photographer

Darren Wright has over 10 years of experience as a photographer, capturing everything from property and architecture through to landscape, live music, events, street, portraiture and more.

Darren’s passion behind the lens is matched with over 20 years of creative, business and marketing experience.

Marketing is what stands you apart from the competition.

Vast Media is your Real Estate Marketing Partner.

24 Hour Fast Delivery 

In most cases, Vast Media will have your Virtual Tour created online within 24 hours. We will email you the direct link to the tour for your REA listing, plus the embed code for your website.

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